Diary to my profound 6 months after retirement!

Couple spending time after retirement

It has been exactly six months since I retired. All I know is life after retirement stays the same, if not worse. You never know what is going to come knocking at your door. 2 am pizza delivery or a shocking ransack of electrical bills.  A few days ago I watched a movie with my … Read more

5 Effective Tips For Medication Management For the Elderly

tips for safe medication management for the elderly

Are too many medications messing with your head? Are you confused about your timings and doses? These must end up making you hate prescriptions and eventually stop taking them. Asking your doctor and family members to explain your doses repeatedly might feel so shameful! Not being able to manage them must have an effect on … Read more

Top 10 things to do post-retirement!

If retirement starts getting in your head, you can always find some ways to pass your time and feel better.

Congratulations, senior! For you have retired. How does it feel to sit back at home? Isn’t it relaxing? After spending all your time in your work, now is your time to relax. Staying in for all the meals with your family, going on walks, sitting at home, and binging on some news. What more can … Read more

All About Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

senior citizen saving scheme

The Senior Citizen Saving Scheme is a government based saving instrument for Indian citizens aged above 60 years. It provides an effective and long-term source of income and savings with maximum security and tax saving aids. A SCSS account can be easily registered in certified banks and post offices, with appropriate documents, benefiting the different … Read more