12 Ultimate Part Time Jobs For Seniors Over 60

Part time jobs for seniors

Firstly, congratulations on your decision to continue working even after retiring! Choosing to work after retirement can be beneficial for you regardless of the reason. It will not only provide you with an extra source of regular income but also offer you the physical and mental stimulation that will promote your over-all lifestyle. Part time … Read more

How to have a flawless eye makeup every time?

Tips for eye makeup for older women!

The real eye realizes real lies. We have always heard how our eyes are the most expressive feature of us. Our eyes help us to connect with other people. Eyes are the windows to our soul. To make your eyes speak, you need to give them a window treatment. Which is why you need to … Read more

All About Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents raising grandchildren

When parents undergo difficulties regarding the upbringing of a child, grandparents become the saviour. Grandparents raising grandchildren is pretty common in today’s time. It is also known as the “Kinship Care”. Most children even prefer grandparents over their own parents as granddad and grandma mean lots of playtime, exciting stories and delicious food! Grandparents are … Read more