Remarkable 40th Anniversary Celebration Ideas And Advice In Budget

Are you looking for the 40th anniversary party ideas in a budget? Your 40th anniversary is a milestone to look at and is a huge reason to celebrate! 40 years of togetherness with your partner; 40 years of ups and downs and lots of memories created together. Standing back at your wedding day, did any of you imagine creating such a lovely life and family? The two of you deserve a grand celebration on this milestone you achieved together. To celebrate 40 years of togetherness despite all the troubles life threw at you.

Celebrate this 40th anniversary by hosting an unforgettable milestone anniversary party. You both are blessed with such a milestone that many wish to make it to. Your 40th anniversary is also called the Ruby Anniversary and should be a jubilant occasion. You can celebrate it with your family and friends who you don’t get to see often but hold close to your heart. Whether you are planning on hosting a 40th-anniversary celebration for your parents, grandparents or even yourself, we will guide you step by step on the proceedings and offer celebration ideas.

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How To Plan A 40th Anniversary Party?

The procedures for planning a 40th anniversary party idea on a budget is the same as any other party but the steps in between might vary a bit. In the case of the celebration of an elderly couple, your main priority should be the hospitability of the two and make sure they both find comfort under any circumstances. Here is our step by step guide for planning a 40th anniversary in order to make the milestone as perfect and remarkable as possible.

1. Select The Date And Time

The most important step while organising a 40th anniversary party is to set the date and time right. Firstly, be sure the date and time are scheduled properly with the anniversary couple. Then, make sure most of the guests are available on the day, without creating a fuss. In our everyday busy life, we hardly seem to find a day off and the elderly couple would be upset to miss any of their dear friends on this special occasion. It is always a good idea to schedule the dates with loved ones and also choose a backup date and time in case things don’t go as planned out.

2. Make A List Of Your Guests

The second step to planning an anniversary party is making a list of your guest. You should do it before making any further steps as your venue, food and budget will eventually depend on the number of people invited to the party. The main guests who are to be invited are the anniversary couple’s immediate and extended family along with some friends or past colleagues. Approve the guest list by the anniversary couple or another family member in case it is a surprise party.

3. Decide Your Budget For The Party

Right after estimating the number of people invited, comes the budget planning. The main spending will be at your venue, food and decoration. Decide how much money you have to spend and in case the budget is short, find budget-friendly ideas through the internet. A large part would need a large catering and decoration service.

You will have to hire workers to help you with organizing the best 40th anniversary party. If you plan a small home party, it will reduce the budget comparatively. You can share the work among family members are organizing a homely part full of love.

4. Set A Suitable Location

After having an estimated number of guests and your budget set, you can set a venue. You can either choose a grand celebration depending on your budget or organize a simple but memorable celebration at your own home. Whatever you choose, make sure it is comfortable for the elderly couple and they have the room to rest if needed.

For a grand celebration with a good number of guests, you can choose a hotel, resort, gallery, etc. For a small scale celebration that is limited only to close family and friends, you can either choose a small family hall or even host it at your own home.

5. Decide A Theme

The 40th anniversary is also called the Ruby Anniversary and therefore it can be themed according to a traditional ruby decoration. You can incorporate shades of a ruby in decorations, food, exquisites or even as dress code. If you want a more fun theme you can recreate scenes from the anniversary couple’s old days such as their honeymoon or their wedding day. You can also create an evergreen theme and take them back to their favourite decade to relive their youth. A theme would add an elegant and fun vibe to a 40th anniversary party.

6. Decide The Menu

Food is everyone’s favourite part during any sort of party. When it comes to deciding the menu for the 40th anniversary, you have got to be more careful. As the party will be expected to contain more elderly people – the friends, relatives and colleagues of the couple, the menu should be healthy as well as tasty.

You’ve got to make sure the party menu does not upset the senior’s stomach or even prevent them from eating anything at all. You can have a different menu for the elderly and the young ones as both of the age groups desire different types of food. This will ensure a joyful event for both the adults as well as the seniors.

7. Organize Party Invitations

Now that all the main things are taken care of, it is time for you to organize the party invitations. Select an invitation card design and make the desired changes and edits you’d like. It can be offline or even online, whatever works best for you. For the design, you can go for a photo of the couple or any elegant design they admire. Do not forget to mention the number of years the couple is celebrating along with any additional details such as the dress code or theme.

Enter the recipient’s name, date & time of the party, Venue along with a heartfelt message conveying your wish of their presence on the occasion. It is always a good idea to create some extra invitation cards just in case you have to invite some extra guests. Some invitational cards can also be used as keepsakes for the guests so make sure the design of the card is elegant and heartfelt.

8. Organize Entertainment

Entertainment is always important at a party even when it’s the 40th anniversary. If you’re a youngster organizing a part for your parents or grandparents, you may have thought that elders like slow-paced surroundings. The thought is true for regular days but not when it’s an anniversary party of their loved ones! The seniors can be more cheerful than younger adults in these cases.

Arrange for a DJ and play the best party songs from their favourite decades and make them live their youth yet again. When things slow down, play romantic songs to add beautiful emotions to the anniversary party in honour of the couple under the spotlight. You can also arrange for family games or quizzes for fun.

9. Hire A Photographer

Lastly, to preserve the 40th anniversary and capture the little moments forever, hire a photographer. It is important to document these moments of joy as beautiful as you can because these days won’t return ever again. It is not only a 40th anniversary but a complete gathering of loved ones after months or years of being distant.
Schedule the dates with a good photographer beforehand so that you don’t have to face any last moment crisis. When the day passes by, you can still relive it through the pictures and videos with your family.

40th Anniversary Celebration Ideas In Budget

So we have seen how to plan a 40th anniversary party for the lovely couple but how about sending the two of them out somewhere together for quality time? You can skip the idea of a party altogether, send them off for a date after the party or simply arrange a comfortable & romantic atmosphere in their home.

The anniversary of an elderly couple should be celebrated by things that are extremely comfortable, joyous or nostalgic for them. This is because the elderly crave these little things more and won’t be able to forget for a long time. Here are some 40th anniversary celebration ideas, solely for the couple.

Breakfast in bed

Whether it is your anniversary or your parents, you can wake the individual(s) up with a delicious breakfast in bed. It would be a perfect starting to a lovely day. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to serve food to the seniors in bed on that particular day and make them feel at ease. They can take enough rest for the big day ahead. And the best part is, it can be very romantic and very budget-friendly at the same time.

Picnic at the park

Older people love two things – a picnic and a park. Eating tasty snacks has always been their favourite hobby and to add beauty to that, the greenery of the park steps in. it can either be a small romantic picnic for the couple or a small family gathering that is limited only to the couple’s immediate family. It will take them back to their youth and make them feel free.

Visit “Your Place”

This is one of the most heart-touching ideas for a 40th anniversary celebration! Revisit “your place” aka the place where you both hold a deep meaning regarding your relationship. This can be the place you both first met, had a first date, regular meeting spot or even your wedding venue. Although things may not still be the same as it was 40 years ago, revisiting those places can make you feel nostalgic. You will realise how far you both have come from those days and strengthen your love even more.

Cook Together

This is a dream for many wives more than husbands! Cooking together is considered one of the best home date ideas! Many people love to cook be it a man or a woman but they haven’t got the opportunity after retiring. This can be either due to lethargy or insecurity over their abilities. On your 40th anniversary, you and your significant other can step into the kitchen and support each other to beat these old age insecurities and lethargy together.

You can talk about the old days and cook easy and tasty food with each other’s company. Just to be on the safe side, take assistance from your caregiver to avoid any unexpected mess or incidents.

Visit A Resort

If you desire a lavish and romantic getaway with your significant other away from everyone, this might be it. You are allowed to be selfish even on your 40th anniversary, it is only romantic! Book a reputable resort or ask one of your family members for assistance. You will be able to enjoy lavish and quality time with your spouse without anyone bothering you.

You can go for night walks within the safety of the resort, go into the Jacuzzi or swimming pool and order room service whenever you want. Revisit your early marriage days and spend all the time you have got with your significant other. When you finally get back home, it is bound to leave a shy smile on your face and can also spice up your marriage yet again!

40th Anniversary Party Food Ideas

No party is complete without delicious foods, you must treat friends and family with something tasty. We’ve rounded up some of the best anniversary party food ideas.

  • Breakfast or Brunch: Here are our favorite brunch recipes, with plenty of sweet and savory options: Cinnamon Rolls, Banana Pancakes, Waffles, Fresh Fruits, Frittatas, Breakfast Burritos, Cheesy Bacon Potatoes, Almond Pancakes,
  • Lunch: Here are some recipes for lunch that your guests will love: Pasta bar, Pasta Salad, Hog Roast, Garlic butter-Roasted Shrimp, Salmon recipes, Spring Veggie Pasta, Sage-Roasted Turkey.
  • BBQ Party: Barbecue parties can be very fun for Anniversary Celebration wit family. Here are some of the best BBQ recipes: Pasta Salads, Grilled Chicken Recipes, Grilled Shrimp, Rib Rubs, Grilled Steaks, Grilled Pork Chops.
  • Party Drinks: Don’t forget about refreshments for guests. Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks: Lemon-Basil Mojito Mocktails, Raspberry Fizz, Cranberry Limeade, Blackberry Shrub. Alcoholic Beverages: Champagne, Mojitos, Wine, Beer.
  • Dessert: Desserts are absolute must for any anniversary party. Here are some dessert ideas – Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Waffle toasties, Brownies, Macaroons, Peanut Banana Pudding, Donuts.

Bottom Line

Your 40th anniversary or Ruby anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated as you desire. You and your partner have successfully walked a path together for 40 long years regardless of what situations life threw at you. Celebrate this auspicious day with your significant other or also your friends and family that you haven’t been in touch with for a while now.

Get together and make a remarkable memory that everyone shall preserve for days to come and for showing the younger ones how strong a relationship can be. Don’t forget to share these ideas and advice with your friends or family and help them organise a great 40th anniversary as well!