Easy yoga for senior citizens and how to do them!

An old man stretching in the park: yoga poses for senior citizens

Yoga for senior citizens is as important as it is for young people. Yoga for seniors is extremely beneficial as it gives them a sense of security- in their minds as well as physically.

Yoga is much much more than physical exercise. It is not about the asanas or poses. Yoga helps in strengthening mental and spiritual well being. Another great thing about yoga is that anyone can practice it. Yoga for senior citizens is very beneficial to attain a healthier lifestyle.

After having a tough work schedule, retirement is like a vacation. You can sit back and binge on your couch. But with old age comes many problems regarding health. Yoga will help senior citizens in strengthening their health. Retirement is the perfect time to build up a healthy life cycle.

It is important to know what kind of yoga you should practice and how does it benefit.

Benefits of yoga for senior citizens

Seniors working with weights

Yoga is all about building a mind and body connection. It is the combination of stretching, strengthening, deep breathing, and relaxing. The asanas can be altered as per the individual’s need. Yoga for seniors helps them in reliving all bodily stresses and becoming a healthier individual. 

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors :Better Balance 

Old man practicing squats for balance

Yoga helps you in becoming steadier and increases the strength of the joints. Yoga for senior citizens helps them to strengthen their abdominal muscles and gives them stability in the core.

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors: Enhanced Breathing 

Old couple helping each other in asanas

Pranayam, the breathing asana helps in controlling the breathing pattern. It expands lung capacity. It further improves pulmonary health. 

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors: Stronger Bones

Old woman performing asana

Old age brings brittle bones. Yoga includes weight-bearing postures. It helps in building up bone strength. 

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors: Reduction in Mental Stress

Old couple doing yoga

The combination of mediation, breathing, and physical activities helps the body. It increases blood flow and releases dopamine. This helps in reducing anxiety and increases stability to sleep. 

What Are The Asanas of Yoga for Senior Citizens?

1. Yoga for Seniors: Kundalini Yoga

Meditating old woman
  • Kundalini yoga combines sequences of movements like breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting. 
  • Kundalini yoga helps in building a spiritual connection.
  • It helps to awaken the spiritual energy believed to be rested at the base of your spine. Don’t look at this purely as physical exercise; this type of yoga in India aims to connect you to your consciousness and help you unleash your true potential.

2. Yoga for Seniors: Tadasana

Old couple doing tadasana
  • It can be practiced at any time of the day.
  • It is not necessary to be on an empty stomach. 
  • But if you want to perform more asanas, you need to have an empty stomach.
  • The pose is held for about 10 to 30 seconds, but you can reduce the duration as per your convenience

3. Yoga for Seniors: Balasana

Old woman performing balasana
  • It resembles the position of a child in the mother’s womb. 
  • You need to have an empty stomach if practicing in the morning. 
  • You can practice it in the evenings after 6 hours of consuming the last meal.
  • It is said to connect you to your childhood.
  • It is really good for your spine.

4. Yoga for Seniors: Bhujangasana 

Old couple performing bhujangasana
  • It is an energizing backbend that looks like the raised head of a cobra. 
  • It helps in making weaker older people sharp and swift.
  • Practicing it every day in the mornings on an empty stomach is very beneficial.
  • You can practice it in the evenings after 6 hours of consuming the last meal.
  • It helps in strengthing your spine and tightens the core muscles. 

5. Yoga for Seniors: Shavasana

Old man relaxed after his yoga routine
  • Shavasana helps in relaxing at the end of a yoga session. 
  • The body looks like a corpse without any movement. 
  • It is a very challenging asana because it needs you to calm down your mind.
  • You need to relax without fidgeting.
  • But make sure you don’t fall asleep.

Yoga helps everyone. From maintaining your senses to your sanity. Yoga for senior citizens is said to be their life increasing mantra. Investing even 15 minutes a day can help you live a longer healthier life.

There are other yoga poses like bhujangasana or trikonasana which you can take up after building some flexibility.

Precautions: Yoga for Seniors

If you suffer from any chronic disease or with slip disc issues, you may want to ask your doctor before you start practicing yoga. There is no doubt that yoga for senior citizens is the best way for them to relive stress and live a better life. At times some yoga poses if done wrong can harm your body. It is advised to ask your doctors about the yoga poses you can try.

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